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Manikaran Shiva Temple Manali – History Timings, How to Reach

Uncover the spiritual essence of Manikaran Shiva Temple in Manali. From its captivating history and daily rituals to the journey of reaching this divine haven, explore the mystical allure.

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Manali, the Manikaran Shiva Temple stands as a testimony to the rich cultural and religious heritage of this region. With a history dating back centuries, this temple has become a spiritual oasis for pilgrims and a point of interest for travelers seeking to explore the mystique of the Himalayas. The temple is also called Manali hot water temple Manikaran. In this blog, we delve into the fascinating history of the Manikaran Shiva Temple, explore its daily timings, and provide insights on how to reach this divine sanctuary.

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Manikaran Shiva Temple History

A Divine Tale of Origin

  • The history of the Manikaran Shiva Temple is steeped in mythology and folklore, making it a captivating destination for those intrigued by the cultural tapestry of India. 
  • According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati once chose this sacred spot as their home.
  • Legend has it that after a severe bout of penance, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati decided to make Manikaran their abode. 
  • It is said that Lord Shiva’s anger caused the earth to shake, resulting in the creation of hot springs in the vicinity. 

The Legend of the Earring

  • A notable legend associated with the temple involves Goddess Parvati losing her earring in the swirling waters of the Parvati River. 
  • Distressed by this loss, she asked Lord Shiva to retrieve it for her. 
  • Lord Shiva commanded his serpent, Sheshnag, to find the earring. When Sheshnag failed, Lord Shiva became furious and opened his third eye, causing a massive eruption of hot water. 
  • Miraculously, the earring emerged from the boiling waters, and the springs of Manikaran were born.
Manikaran Shiva Temple Manali
Manikaran Shiva Temple Manali

Manikaran Shiva Temple Architectural

The temple itself is a marvel of ancient architecture. Constructed in the traditional Himachali style, the Manikaran Shiva Temple boasts intricate woodwork, reflecting the craftsmanship of the artisans of earlier. The temple stands against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayas, offering a serene atmosphere for devotees and visitors alike.

Manikaran Temple Timings

Embracing the Divine Schedule

For those planning a visit to the Manikaran Shiva Temple, it’s crucial to be mindful of the temple’s timings. The temple follows a daily schedule that accommodates both early morning worshippers seeking spiritual solace and those wanting to witness the evening aarti, a mesmerizing ritual of offering prayers through the medium of light.

Morning Darshan:

  • The temple opens its doors to devotees at the break of dawn.
  • Morning aarti, a ritualistic prayer, is performed to commence the day on a divine note.
  • Pilgrims can experience the tranquil ambiance and offer their prayers during the morning hours.

Afternoon Break:

  • The temple takes a brief pause during the afternoon to allow for maintenance and preparation for the evening rituals.
  • Devotees can explore the surrounding area, including the hot springs and the mesmerizing Parvati River.

Evening Aarti:

  • As the sun begins its descent, the evening aarti takes place, captivating visitors with its spiritual resonance.
  • The temple resonates with the sounds of chants, bells, and the rhythmic clanging of cymbals during this sacred ceremony.
  • The evening aarti is a must-attend, offering a soul-stirring experience that lingers in the hearts of those who witness it.
Manikaran Shiva Temple
Manikaran Shiva Temple

Manikaran Shiva Temple Special Occasions and Festivals

The Manikaran Shiva Temple also hosts various festivals and special events, drawing devotees from far and wide. During these times, the temple timings may be extended to accommodate the influx of pilgrims eager to partake in the festivities. It’s advisable to check the temple’s schedule beforehand if you plan your visit around specific festivals.

How to Reach Manikaran Temple

Nestled in the Parvati Valley, reaching the Manikaran Shiva Temple involves traversing the breathtaking landscapes of Himachal Pradesh. Here’s a guide on how to embark on this spiritual journey:

By Air:

  • The nearest airport to Manikaran is Bhuntar Airport (Kullu-Manali Airport), approximately 35 kilometers away.
  • From the airport, one can hire a taxi or use local transport to reach Manikaran.

By Road:

  • Manikaran is well-connected by road, and several buses run by HRTC operate from major cities like Delhi and Chandigarh to Manali.
  • Private taxis and self-driven vehicles are also popular choices for those who prefer a more personalized travel experience.

By Rail:

  • The nearest railway station is Joginder Nagar Railway Station, situated approximately 144 kilometers away.
  • From the railway station, one can hire a taxi or use local transport to reach Manikaran.

By Bus:

Traveling to Manali by bus is a popular option due to its affordability and the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque landscapes along the way. You can easily book bus tickets on AbhiBus and have a stress-free journey. Here’s how you can reach Manali by bus

From Delhi:

  • By HRTC (Himachal Road Transport Corporation): HRTC operates regular bus services from Delhi to Manali. You can board these buses from the ISBT Kashmiri Gate. The journey takes approximately 12-14 hours, depending on the traffic and road conditions.
  • By Private Volvo Buses: Several private operators also run Volvo buses from Delhi to Manali. These buses offer a more comfortable journey and are a popular choice among tourists. The travel time is similar to that of HRTC buses.

From Chandigarh:

  • By HRTC: HRTC operates buses from Chandigarh to Manali, offering a convenient mode of transportation. The journey takes about 8-10 hours, depending on the traffic and road conditions.
  • By Private Buses: Private bus operators also offer services from Chandigarh to Manali, including Volvo buses. These buses provide a comfortable and quicker journey compared to regular buses.

From Shimla:

  • By HRTC: HRTC operates buses from Shimla to Manali, allowing you to enjoy the scenic route through the mountains. The journey takes approximately 7-9 hours.

Enchanting Journey through Manali

For those planning a visit to Manikaran, the journey through Manali is an adventure in itself. The distance between Kullu to Manikaran temple is around 50 kilometers. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks and lush greenery, the drive to Manikaran offers panoramic views that serve as a prelude to the spiritual experience awaiting travelers at the temple.

Local Transport and Accessibility

Upon reaching Manikaran, local transport options include taxis and shared cabs, providing a convenient mode of travel within the region. The temple is easily accessible, and signboards guide visitors to this sacred destination.

Manikaran Shiva Temple Manali - History Timings, How to Reach
Manikaran Shiva Temple Manali – History Timings, How to Reach

Final Thoughts

The Manikaran Shiva Temple in Manali is not just a place of worship; it’s a journey into the heart of spirituality and mythology. With a history enriched by legends and a setting that reflects the divine beauty of the Himalayas, this temple beckons both the devout and the curious. Whether you seek spiritual solace, cultural exploration, or simply a rendezvous with the natural wonders of Himachal Pradesh, the Manikaran Shiva Temple is a destination that promises an unforgettable experience. Plan your visit, embrace the tranquility, and immerse yourself in the mystique of this sacred haven amidst the mountains.

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