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Medaram Jatara 2024: Dates, Timings, History

Discover the history, dates, and timings of the grand Medaram Jatara 2024, the vibrant tribal festival. Join millions of devotees celebrating the largest tribal festival of Telangana.

Telangana Medaram Jatara 2024

Medaram Jatara 2024 is one of the largest tribal festivals in the Indian state of Telangana. It is an event held in Medaram, a small village in the Mulugu district. After the Kumbh Mela, this religious event attracts millions of devotees from all over the country, making it one of the most significant festivals in the region. In this blog post, we will explore the history of Medaram Jatara 2024, the dates, and timings for the upcoming 2024 celebration, and delve into the festive spirit that permeates this grand event.

Medaram Jatara History

Medaram Jatara has a rich history that dates back several centuries. The festival is dedicated to the tribal goddesses Sammakka and Sarakka, who according to folklore, were two brave women warrior leaders from the Koya tribe. It is believed that Sammakka and Sarakka fought against the oppressive rulers of their time, sacrificing their lives for the well-being of their people. These brave women were later hailed as deities and worshipped by the tribals.

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The history of Medaram Jatara 2024 can be traced back to the 13th century, during the reign of the Kakatiya dynasty. Historical records suggest that the reigning king, Ganapati Deva, had a dream in which he was instructed to install the idols of Sammakka Sarakka in a sacred forest in Medaram. Following this divine guidance, the idols were installed, and the tradition of Medaram Jatara began. Since then, the Sammakka Saralamma Jatara has been celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm by the tribal community and devotees from other communities.

Medaram Jatara 2024 Dates

The Medaram Jatara festival is celebrated once every two years, attracting millions of devotees from different parts of the country and even abroad. The festival takes place for 4 days. In 2024 the festival starts on February 21st and ends on 24th February. 

Medaram Jatara 2024 Timings

During Medaram Jatara 2024, the festivities span four days, offering a unique experience for visitors. The timings of the festival are as follows:

  • The festival usually begins with the ceremonial hoisting of the tribal flag, marking the official commencement of the celebrations.
  • The main rituals and ceremonies take place on specific dates, with devotees thronging the temple premises to seek the blessings of the deities.
  • The festival concludes with the lowering of the tribal flag, signifying the end of the festivities.

Medaram Jatara Celebrations

Medaram Jathara is not just a religious event; it is a carnival of colors, music, and devotion. The celebrations extend beyond the temple premises and encompass the entire village of Medaram, creating an electric atmosphere that is hard to miss. Here are some key highlights of the Medaram Jathara celebrations:

  • Devotees and Tribals: People from all walks of life, irrespective of caste, creed, or religion, come together to be part of this grand event. The tribals, dressed in colorful traditional attire, play a crucial role in the festivities, contributing to the unique cultural experience.
  • Gatka Dance: Gatka dance, a traditional folk dance form, takes center stage during the festival. The rhythmic beats of drums and the energetic dance movements add a vibrant touch to the entire atmosphere. Visitors can witness the beauty and grace of this captivating dance form as groups of dancers perform with unbridled enthusiasm.
  • Traveling by Foot: A significant aspect of Medaram Jatara is the tradition of devotees and pilgrims choosing to travel by foot to reach the temple. They undertake long journeys, often covering several kilometers, as a mark of their devotion and commitment to the goddesses.
  • Offerings and Prayers: Devotees make a wide range of offerings to seek the blessings of Sammakka and Sarakka. These offerings can include coconuts, flowers, turmeric, rice, and other items considered auspicious.
  • The Bhandaras: The entire village of Medaram transforms into a bustling market during Medaram Jatara, with numerous temporary shops and stalls catering to the needs of the visitors. These shops offer everything from handicrafts and jewelry to traditional clothes and delicious local cuisine.

Medaram Jatara is not just a religious festival; it is a celebration of tribal culture, devotion, and unity. The electrifying atmosphere, coupled with the rich historical significance, makes it an event worth experiencing. As the dates for Medaram Jatara 2024 approach, devotees far and wide eagerly await the opportunity to immerse themselves in the spiritual and cultural charm.

How to Reach Medaram Jatara

Reaching Medaram Jatara can be an exciting experience. Here are some common ways to reach Medaram:

  1. By Road: Medaram is located in the Mulugu district of Telangana. It is well-connected by road, making it easily accessible for visitors. One can travel by private vehicles, taxis, or buses to reach Medaram. Neighboring towns and cities like Warangal, Hyderabad, and Karimnagar have good road connectivity to Medaram.
  2. By Train: The closest railway station to Medaram is Warangal Railway Station, which is well-connected to major cities in India. From Warangal, one can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Medaram, which is approximately 100 kilometers away.
  3. By Air: The nearest airport is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad, which has regular flights from major cities across the country and internationally as well. From the airport, one can either hire a taxi or opt for bus services to reach Medaram.
  4. By Bus: Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) operates special bus services during the Medaram Jatara period. These buses cater to the increased demand and provide convenient transportation options for devotees. Visitors can check with the TSRTC for bus schedules and routes specifically designed for Medaram Jatara.

It is advisable to plan your travel in advance and check for any updates regarding transportation arrangements during the festival. Accommodation options in and around Medaram might also need to be booked well in advance, as a large number of devotees participate in the festival.

Medaram Jatara festival by which tribe?

Medaram Jatara festival is primarily celebrated by the Koya tribe, who are an indigenous tribal community inhabiting the Telangana region of India.

What is Medaram Jatara also known as?

Medaram Jatara is also known as “Sammakka Sarakka Jatara” or “Sammakka Sarakka Maha Jatara”. The festival is named after the tribal goddesses Sammakka and Sarakka to whom it is dedicated.

Why jaggery is offered in Medaram?

Jaggery, a type of unrefined sugar, is offered in Medaram as a common practice during the festival. It is believed to be a sweet offering that symbolizes prosperity, purity, and well-being. Devotees offer jaggery as a gesture of gratitude and to seek the blessings of the goddesses.

Which offering is called Bangaram in Sammakka Sarakka Jatara?

The offering called “Bangaram” in Sammakka Sarakka Jatara refers to the offering of Jaggery. Devotees who have a wish or prayer fulfilled often offer Jaggery as a token of gratitude to the goddesses.

Medaram Jatara how many days?

Medaram Jatara is usually celebrated for four days. The festival commences with the hoisting of the tribal flag and concludes with the lowering of the flag, marking the end of the celebrations. During these four days, devotees participate in various rituals, and cultural events, and pay homage to the deities.

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