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KSRTC’s Ambitious Plan: 100 E-Buses Set to Transform Kochi’s Public Transport

KSRTC's game-changing plan: Introducing 100 e-buses in Kochi to transform commuting. Sustainable, convenient, and set to reshape the city's transport.

The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) is gearing up for a revolutionary stride in Kochi’s public transportation landscape. Sources reveal that KSRTC is contemplating the introduction of 100 city buses in the Greater Kochi region. With growing demand and a pressing need for improved public transport options, this move could potentially address existing gaps and cater to the commuting needs of residents and businesses alike.

Route Readiness and Fare Affordability

A preliminary list of routes that the city buses will traverse has been prepared and is currently under review at various levels. A formal announcement is anticipated later this month, just ahead of the Onam festival. Commuters can expect budget-friendly ticket fares, projected to be priced at less than ₹20. Furthermore, discussions are ongoing regarding the external color scheme of the buses, adding an element of anticipation to the project.

Pooling Resources for Progress

The funding required for procuring the proposed fleet of e-buses is expected to come from a consortium of sources, including the KSRTC, the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board, and the Cochin Smart Mission Limited. This collaborative approach reflects a shared commitment to transforming Kochi’s public transportation system for the better.

Addressing Commuter Woes

The initiative comes in the wake of significant changes in the transportation dynamics of the Kochi-Aluva corridor following the launch of the Kochi metro in 2017. With a reduction in private bus services along this route, commuters from lateral corridors have faced challenges, leading to increased traffic congestion and parking woes in the city. The reduction in the number of e-buses operating from metro stations to the suburbs has further compounded these issues.

A Vision for a Smoother Commute

The plans set in motion by KSRTC align with the recommendations put forth by traffic planners and experts from the now-defunct Kochi Metropolitan Transport Authority. The emphasis on rationalizing bus routes and bolstering the number of city and mofussil (suburban) buses is seen as a critical step to alleviate traffic congestion, reduce chaos, and provide effective feeder services for the metro.

As Kochi prepares to embrace a new era of sustainable and efficient public transportation, the introduction of 100 e-buses by KSRTC signifies a significant leap towards a cleaner, more connected future for the city’s commuters. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement that could reshape Kochi’s transit landscape in a profound way.

Source : thehindu

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