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UPSRTC to Introduce 250 E-Buses for Uttar Pradesh’s Religious Destinations

UPSRTC announces 250 e-buses to link Lucknow with spiritual destinations, reinforcing eco-friendly transit.

The Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) is embarking on a transformative journey towards greener and more accessible travel. The corporation has announced its plans to introduce a fleet of 250 electric buses (e-buses) to establish seamless connections between Lucknow and the state’s famous religious destinations and cities. This significant initiative not only aims to enhance connectivity but also reflects the commitment to environment-friendly transportation solutions.

Paving the Way for Greener Transit

The UPSRTC is set to embark on a pioneering project to create efficient, eco-friendly travel options, connecting travelers to the spiritual heartlands of Uttar Pradesh

Project Phases and Expansion

  • First Phase Deployment: In its initial phase, the UPSRTC will add a total of 250 electric buses to its fleet, serving as a crucial foundation for the future of sustainable transit in the state.
  • Vision for Expansion: While the first phase consists of 250 e-buses, the UPSRTC envisions the growth of its electric fleet beyond this point, signaling a steadfast commitment to greener public transportation.

Leveraging the Fame India Scheme:

  • Grant Application: To facilitate the ambitious electric bus project, the state transport corporation has submitted a request for 40% of the grant under the Fame India Scheme (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles in India).
  • Health and Environment Considerations: Dayashankar Singh, the state transport minister, emphasized that this progressive initiative aligns with the goal of promoting passenger well-being through pollution-free, eco-friendly travel options.

Connecting Spiritual Landmarks

  • Direct Connectivity to Religious Sites: Masoom Ali Sarwar, the Managing Director of UPSRTC, outlined the strategic plan to directly link prominent religious destinations like Ayodhya, Kashi, Prayagraj, Mathura, and Chitrakoot with the state capital, Lucknow, through the introduction of electric buses.
  • Benefits of E-Buses: The new e-buses not only contribute to reducing the carbon footprint but also offer economical and sustainable transport solutions, catering to the needs of travelers while aligning with environmental concerns.

The UPSRTC’s ambitious project of introducing 250 electric buses to connect Lucknow with Uttar Pradesh’s spiritual and urban centers underscores a progressive stance towards sustainable mobility. This move not only elevates the travel experience for passengers but also reflects the commitment to a cleaner, more environmentally-conscious future for transportation in the state.

Source : hindustantimes

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