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UPSRTC Ramrath Buses Expands Connectivity to Ayodhya

UPSRTC introduces 'Ramrath' buses for Ayodhya pilgrims! Enhancing connectivity and comfort, this fleet caters to the surge in visitors.

In response to the surge in pilgrim visits after the consecration of Ram Lalla, the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) is set to introduce a new fleet of buses named ‘Ramrath’ for Ayodhya. This initiative aims to elevate connectivity and transportation for devotees. Here’s what we know:

UPSRTC Ramrath Buses

  • Initial Deployment: The UPSRTC has launched 10 ‘Ramrath buses’ operating from key cities such as Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Lucknow, Ballia, and Prayagraj.
  • Second Phase: Preparations are underway for the second phase, adding two ‘Ramrath buses’ to the main bus depot in every city, enhancing accessibility for pilgrims.

Response to Ayodhya Administration Appeal

  • Temporary Halt: In response to an appeal from the Ayodhya administration to manage the pilgrim influx post the January 22 consecration ceremony, UPSRTC temporarily halted all buses to Ayodhya until 10 pm on January 23.
  • Gradual Resumption: Subsequently, the bus services gradually resumed to ensure the convenience of devotees.

UPSRTC Ramrath Buses Operational Details and Capacity

  • Underutilized Fleet: Ajit Singh, the media liaison for UPSRTC, mentioned that buses, including the ‘Ramrath fleet’ designed for pilgrim transportation, are not operating at full capacity.
  • Addressing Devotee Needs: The UPSRTC fleet can address the travel needs of up to one lakh devotees daily, encompassing both direct and connecting buses.

Ramrath Buses Future Plans

  • Phase Two Timeline: While the introduction date for the second phase of the ‘Ramrath’ fleet is yet to be decided, officials are actively working on expanding services to accommodate the rising demand.
  • Optimizing Operations: Singh noted that all 933 buses, including 10 from the Ayodhya Dham Express fleet, are currently serving Ayodhya, and efforts are being made to optimize operations.

As UPSRTC continues to enhance its services to Ayodhya, the introduction of the ‘Ramrath’ fleet signifies a commitment to providing efficient and comfortable transportation for pilgrims.

Source : pardaphash

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