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TSRTC Offers 10% Discount on Vijayawada and Bengaluru Routes

TSRTC announces 10 per cent discount on bus tickets on Vijayawada, Bengaluru routes starting from July 2nd.

The Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) has recently announced an exciting discount for passengers traveling on the popular Vijayawada and Bengaluru routes. This initiative aims to provide convenience and affordability to long-distance travelers from the city. Here are the key details:

TSRTC Offer Details and Applicability

  • TSRTC is offering a generous 10% discount on bus tickets for passengers traveling on the Vijayawada and Bengaluru routes.
  • The discount will be applicable for the return journey if passengers make an advance ticket reservation for both routes.
  • Passengers can avail of this discount starting from July 2, and it will be available on all TSRTC bus services with an advance reservation facility.
  • This special discount offer will be valid until August 15, providing ample time for travelers to plan their trips and save on their bus fares.

Relief from Excessive Fares

  • Vijayawada and Bengaluru are known for heavy passenger traffic, resulting in high fares charged by private buses.
  • TSRTC’s initiative aims to alleviate the financial burden on passengers by offering discounted fares on all services with an advance reservation facility.
  • This discount ensures that passengers can now enjoy affordable travel options without compromising on safety, comfort, and convenience.

Savings for Passengers

  • Passengers traveling on the Vijayawada route can save up to Rs 50 per ticket with this discount offer.
  • Similarly, those traveling to Bengaluru can save up to Rs 100 per ticket, providing significant savings for long-distance journeys.

TSRTC Chairman’s Statement

  • TSRTC Chairman Bajireddy Govardhan expressed the organization’s commitment to reducing the financial burden on passengers traveling to Vijayawada and Bengaluru.
  • He highlighted the high demand on these routes, which often leads to excessive fares charged by private bus operators.
  • With this discount initiative, TSRTC aims to provide a cost-effective alternative for travelers, ensuring a hassle-free and affordable travel experience.

Book your tickets today and enjoy a comfortable and pocket-friendly travel experience.

Source : Telanganatoday

Ashwini Ellendula
Ashwini Ellendula
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