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TSRTC Introduces ‘Snack Box’ for Long Distant Travellers

Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) has recently announced two new initiatives aimed at enhancing the travel experience for its passengers. In a bid to provide added convenience and refreshments during long journeys, TSRTC has introduced the 'Snack Box' service for travelers on distant routes. Additionally, the corporation has expanded the availability of the 'General Route Pass' to the general public within the Greater Hyderabad zone.

The ‘Snack Box’ system will be implemented as a pilot project on Saturday, initially available in nine electric ‘e-Garuda’ buses operating on the Hyderabad-Vijayawada route. Based on passenger feedback and response, TSRTC plans to extend this service to other bus services in the future. The snack box, priced at Rs.30, will include a variety of sweet and spicy delicacies, along with tissue paper and mouth freshener. Each snack box will also feature a QR code that travelers can scan to provide their feedback and suggestions.

Chairman of TSRTC, Bajireddy Govardhan, stated, “TSRTC is committed to introducing innovative programs that cater to the needs of the people. The provision of snack boxes to travelers is one such initiative aimed at enhancing their journey experience.”

Furthermore, TSRTC has extended the availability of the ‘General Route Pass’ to the general public within the Greater Hyderabad zone. Previously, this pass was exclusively available to students. The pass is designed for short-distance travel within an 8 km radius and will be effective from May 27. The City Ordinary Route Bus Pass will be priced at Rs.600, while the Metro Express Route Pass will cost Rs.1000 for a month. Additionally, passengers will need to pay an additional Rs.50 for the ID card required for the pass.

The ‘General Route Pass’ will initially be available on 162 routes in Hyderabad, providing passengers with unlimited bus travel within the 8 km radius covered by the pass. This includes travel on Sundays and holidays. TSRTC aims to offer greater convenience and affordability to the general public with this expansion of the pass availability.

According to VC Sajjanar, Managing Director of TSRTC, “Passenger feedback will be closely monitored, and necessary changes and additions to the snack box menu will be made based on their suggestions. The ‘General Route Pass’ will empower passengers within the Greater Hyderabad zone, enabling them to travel conveniently and cost-effectively.”

These new initiatives by TSRTC reflect the corporation’s commitment to enhancing passenger experiences and improving travel services. With the introduction of the ‘Snack Box service and the expansion of the ‘General Route Pass,’ TSRTC aims to cater to the evolving needs and preferences of its valued passengers.

Ashwini Ellendula
Ashwini Ellendula
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