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TNSTC Launches Free Bus Travel Scheme for Women in Nilgiris

TNSTC's new initiative offers free bus travel for women in Nilgiris, benefiting 41,000 passengers. Transport Minister S S Sivasankar inaugurates the scheme.

Transport Minister S S Sivasankar, Tourism Minister K Ramachandran, and Nilgiris MP A Raja inaugurated a free travel scheme for women passengers in TNSTC buses in the Nilgiris. The initiative aims to benefit around 41,000 women in the district, with 99 buses operating within a 35km distance.

TNSTC Women Free Bus Travel Scheme Key Points

  • Scheme Details: The scheme offers free travel for women passengers on TNSTC buses in the Nilgiris.
  • Beneficiaries: Around 41,000 women in the district are expected to benefit from the scheme.
  • Inauguration: The scheme was launched at the Udhagamandalam bus stand by key dignitaries.
  • Minister’s Statement: Transport Minister Sivasankar mentioned that 50 lakh women use TNSTC services across the state every day, with 440 crore free tickets issued since the scheme’s inception in 2021.
  • Recognition and Rewards: The minister handed over appointment letters to 13 individuals employed under compassionate grounds, gold medals to seven drivers with a 25-year accident-free record and bronze medals to 43 drivers with a 10-year accident-free record.
  • Budget Allocation: The state government allocated Rs 2,800 crore to TNSTC in the previous year’s budget and Rs 3,050 crore in this year’s budget, enabling TNSTC to function effectively without increasing ticket fares.
  • Future Expansion: The Government Order for free travel in other hilly areas like Valparai and Kodaikanal is expected to be issued soon.

The launch of the free bus travel scheme for women in the Nilgiris by TNSTC reflects the government’s commitment to promoting women’s safety and accessibility to public transport. The initiative is expected to benefit a significant number of women in the district, enhancing their mobility and overall convenience.

Source : newindianexpress

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