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Special Buses for Pandharpur Devotees from Nashik on Ashadhi Ekadashi

Special buses for Pandharpur devotees on Ashadhi Ekadashi, ensuring convenient travel for Nashik residents.

Every year, countless devotees from Nashik embark on a spiritual journey to Pandharpur for the auspicious Ashadhi Vari. To ensure a smooth and convenient travel experience for these devotees, the state transport corporation has made special arrangements by organizing dedicated buses for the Nashik-Pandharpur route on June 23, ahead of Ashadhi Ekadashi which is on June 29.

Convenient Bus Service

  • Approximately 295 buses will operate on the Nashik-Pandharpur route, catering specifically to devotees visiting Pandharpur during the Ashadhi Vari.
  • These special buses will be available for boarding at any of the 13 bus depots located in Nashik, providing easy access to devotees across the district.
  • The initiative aims to facilitate a hassle-free and comfortable journey for devotees, ensuring they reach Pandharpur conveniently.

Wide Outreach

  • To spread awareness about the special bus service, letters have been sent to every gram panchayat, informing the local communities about this thoughtful initiative.
  • The objective is to ensure that all devotees are aware of the availability of these buses and can plan their pilgrimage accordingly.

Customized Arrangements

  • In cases where the number of passengers from a village is around 40 to 50, a separate bus will be arranged to cater to their needs, ensuring a convenient and dedicated transport option.
  • The ongoing benefit scheme provided by the state transport corporation will be applicable to these special buses as well.
  • Senior citizens will be able to travel free of cost to Pandharpur, reflecting the corporation’s commitment to facilitating their pilgrimage.
  • Women devotees will also benefit from a discounted fare, paying only 50 percent of the regular fare as per the current discount scheme.

With the introduction of special buses for devotees travelling to Pandharpur on Ashadhi Ekadashi, the state transport corporation has taken a commendable step towards ensuring a seamless and comfortable pilgrimage experience. This initiative will undoubtedly make the journey to Pandharpur more accessible and convenient for the devotees of Nashik, allowing them to participate in the famous Ashadhi Vari celebrations with peace of mind.

Ashwini Ellendula
Ashwini Ellendula
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