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RSRTC Introduces 50% Discount for Women on All Buses

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot hasannounced a 50% discount on all RSRTC buses for women commuters. The announcement was made during the inauguration of the new bus terminal at Sindhi Camp. Women will now be able to avail of the discount on fares for express, deluxe, and ordinary roadways buses.

Chief Minister Gehlot highlighted the government’s efforts to improve transportation infrastructure, including the construction of satellite and new bus stands. A state-of-the-art bus stand is also being developed in Jodhpur. Additionally, fare concessions are being provided to devotees attending Lakhi fairs, and free travel is offered to those going to Haridwar for the immersion of their deceased relative’s ashes. Candidates travelling for exams are also eligible for free travel in roadways buses.

The newly inaugurated Sindhi Camp Bus Stand boasts several modern amenities, including eight busways, an air-conditioned passenger waiting room, a food court, WiFi, a lift, an escalator, a water harvesting system, and a solar plant. These facilities aim to enhance the overall travel experience for passengers.

The introduction of a 50% discount for women on RSRTC buses is a commendable initiative by the government, promoting gender equality and making public transportation more accessible for women. This step will not only empower women but also encourage their participation in various spheres of life, fostering a more inclusive society. The RSRTC continues to prioritize passenger comfort and convenience, ensuring that commuters can enjoy reliable and affordable bus services across Rajasthan.

Ashwini Ellendula
Ashwini Ellendula
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