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RSRTC Announces Procurement of 70 AC and 400 Non-AC Buses

RSRTC announces procurement of 70 AC and 400 non-AC buses to address shortage and enhance transport services in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC) to acquire 70 AC buses on contract and 400 non-AC buses. RSRTC Managing Director Nathmal Didel announces procurement during a meeting with transport officials.

RSRTC Managing Shortage

  • RSRTC aims to alleviate the shortage of AC buses, particularly on routes to the NCR region.
  • Recent bans on certain bus types due to pollution-related concerns prompt the need for additional buses.

RSRTC Meeting Highlights

  • Additional Chief Secretary Shreya Guha reviews policy matters, focusing on enhancing transport facilities.
  • Progress of the 100-day work plan is evaluated, aligning with directives from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and Air Quality Management Commission.

RSRTC’s initiative to expand its fleet underscores its commitment to improving transport services in Rajasthan. With the acquisition of both AC and non-AC buses, RSRTC aims to enhance connectivity and address passenger needs effectively.

Source :timesofindia

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