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Kerala Expands Green Fleet: 60 More Electric Buses Added to KSRTC in State Capital

Kerala takes strides toward eco-friendly urban transport with 60 new electric buses added to KSRTC fleet as part of Smart City project

Kerala’s commitment to sustainable transportation receives a significant boost as the state government adds 60 more electric buses to the fleet of the State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC). This eco-friendly expansion is part of the ongoing Smart City project and aims to enhance the city’s public transportation infrastructure.

A Greener Commute

  • Official Launch: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan inaugurated the new electric bus fleet in a special event held in Thiruvananthapuram. These buses were handed over to Transport Minister Antony Raju, marking a milestone in the state’s eco-friendly urban development initiatives.
  • Future Expansion: In his Facebook post, Chief Minister Vijayan revealed plans to introduce 53 more electric buses in the near future, solidifying the state government’s commitment to comprehensive urban development.

A Need for Speed

  • High-Speed Transportation: Chief Minister Vijayan emphasized the necessity of a high-speed transportation system in the state. He noted that Kerala’s transportation system’s average speed is 40 percent lower than the national average, highlighting the demand for faster, eco-friendly alternatives.
  • Rising Preference: The Chief Minister pointed out the increasing preference for high-speed transportation systems like the Vande Bharat Express, indicating a growing appetite for such options within the state.

Going Fully Green

  • Complete Transition: Once all the planned electric buses are added to the KSRTC fleet, the city’s public transportation services will transition to fully electric, significantly reducing the carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly commuting.

Smart City Initiative

  • Project Cost: The Thiruvananthapuram Smart City project, including the addition of electric buses, has a total cost of ₹1,135 crore. The central government contributes ₹500 crore, while the city corporation bears ₹135 crore of the expenses.
  • An Onam Gift: Local self-government department (LSGD) Minister M.B. Rajesh announced that the inclusion of electric buses is a special gift to the state capital, enhancing its environmental sustainability and making it a greener place to live.
  • Inaugural Ride: To celebrate this green initiative, the Chief Minister and other ministers enjoyed a ride on one of the newly launched electric buses, underlining the state’s commitment to promoting eco-friendly public transportation.

Kerala continues to lead the way in environmentally conscious urban development, and the addition of 60 electric buses to the KSRTC fleet is another step toward a greener and more sustainable future for the state.

Source : hindustantimes

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