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How Janmashtami is Celebrated In Different States Of India

Join us on a spiritual journey as we delve into Shri Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations. Discover the vibrant celebrations ahead.

Krishna is believed to be an incarnation or avatar of Lord Vishnu. Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Gokulashtami Krishna Jayanti, or Krishnashtami, the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Different states of India celebrate Janmashtami in different ways. From getting children dolled up in Krishna’s attire, to singing bhajans and dancing to dancing celebrations are different in each state. Here are the details on how Janmashtami is celebrated In different states of India.

As a kid, you might have heard lots of stories about the adventures of Krishna. But as an adult, you realize that your knowledge is limited to stories from mythology and from books. But, if you are looking for more information on Sri Krishna Janmashtami celebrations in India, this article is for you

Krishna Ashtami Celebrations in India

So here are 10 states of India that you must visit during the Janmashtami celebrations. Experience the true joy of the festival and immerse in the Krishna Ashtami celebrations in India.

Mathura Janmashtami celebrations in Uttar Pradesh

Mathura is the place where the birth of Lord Krishna took place. During Janmashtami celebrations in Mathura, devotees from all over India come to Mathura Krishna’s birthplace to enjoy the festival. If you’re wondering how Janmashtami is celebrated in Mathura, the streets of Mathura look like a big fair. There is no limit to attractions during Janmashtami celebrations in Mathura. Devotees come with their families and enjoy the various programs.

Mathura Janmashtami celebrations in Uttar Pradesh

How to Reach Mathura

You can reach Mathura via NH2 one of the best highways in the country. 150 km from South Delhi and 50 km from Agra Mathura is the best place for a quick weekend gateway from Delhi. It is well connected to all the places with road transport. 

Vrindavan Janmashtami celebrations in Uttar Pradesh

There are many temples of Radha-Krishna in Vrindavan. The place where god Krishna spent his childhood years playing with cows, performing Raas Leela with Gopikas, and stealing butter. While Janmashtami celebrations in Mathura are celebrated on a larger scale, Janmashtami celebrations in Vrindavan have a different attraction. Devotees from all over the world visit Vrindavan to celebrate the festival of Janmashtami.

Vrindavan Janmashtami celebrations in Uttar Pradesh

How to Reach Vrindavan

Vrindavan is 10 to 15 kilometers away from Mathura. You can travel easily by local transport or by private booking. Don’t miss visiting the place when you go to Mathura as it’s nearby and hardly takes a few hours. 

Dwarka Janmashtami celebrations in Gujarat

Dwarka is Krishna’s own kingdom where he lived for thousands of years. According to history, the city of Dwaraka was submerged in the Arabian Sea after Krishna left. During the Janmashtami celebrations, the Dwarkadhish temple is lit up with lights and colored and decorated with flowers. The devotees of Krishna come here to rejoice in the Janmashtami festival.

Dwarka Janmashtami celebrations in Gujarat

How to Reach Dwaraka

Dwara is well connected with all the major cities in Gujarat. The government bus system is well-connected with all places. You can also book tickets online. It is preferred to choose cycles and rickshaws for exploring closer places.  

Puri Janmashtami celebrations in Orissa

Puri is the place where the famous Jagannath temple is located. It is perhaps the most popular religious destination of Orissa. Janmashtami celebrations in Puri are celebrated with great enthusiasm and gusto. The streets of Puri are decorated beautifully. The devotees enjoy singing devotional songs while dancing to the tune of devotional music.

Puri Janmashtami celebrations in Orissa

How to Reach Puri

Puri Jagannath Temple is located 62 km from Bhubaneswar. Puri is well connected by buses all around the state. Puri Junction is the nearest railway station. 

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Goa Janmashtami celebrations in Goa

The coastal state of Goa enjoys the festive season of Janmashtami with lots of fun and excitement in every household. It is the only place where Lord Krishna along with Devaki is worshipped together. Janmashtami celebrations in Goa are very colorful and filled with a variety of attractions.

How to Reach Goa

Goa is another easy place to reach and is well connected to all the major cities in India. You can choose any mode of transport to reach Goa. Traveling by bus is preferable as you can board in a nearby place.

Andhra Pradesh Janmashtami Celebrations

Janmashtami celebrations in Andhra Pradesh, are performed in various Iskon temples. Temples which are replicas of Mathura and Vrindavan temples are decorated with bright lights and flowers. This makes the temple a perfect celebration place. At these temples, there is something for everyone to worship and celebrate.

Goa Janmashtami celebrations in Goa

There are many Iskon temples around the state. All the temples will be located in the heart of the city which will be accessible through state road transport. These temples are the best places to experience the celebrations if you don’t have time to travel to long-distance places.

Maharashtra Dahi Handi Janmashtami celebrations

If you’re wondering how is janmashtami celebrated in Maharashtra, people celebrate Janmashtami by breaking earthen pots called Dahi handi filled with curd, rice batter, and butter. Forming a human pyramid to break the pot is perhaps the most entertaining part of the celebrations. A large number of people gather together to enjoy the celebrations and dance in joy. Dahi Handi competitions are held mostly in all the places of Maharastra, but Thane has the best and must-visit places. You can get the details of the celebration in the local news and reach the place via metro or road transport. 

Maharashtra Dahi Handi Janmashtami celebrations

Tamil Nadu Janmashtami celebrations in Tamil Nadu

During Janmashtami celebrations in Tamil Nadu, devotees sing songs of Lord Krishna. Draw tiny footprints of Krishna in front of their house. Also, people dress up small children like Krishna and dance to his tunes. People perform fast during midnight and do pooja and mantra jaap. Various forms of prasad are offered along with a grand ceremony. The celebrations in the state are a testament to how is Janmashtami celebrated in south India.

How to Reach Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is the most well-connected state to all the major cities in south India. State road transport provides excellent connectivity. You can enjoy various forms of entertainment and visit various temples during your stay if you don’t want to hurry up. 

Guruvayur Janmashtami celebrations in Kerala

Lord Krishna is worshiped as Guruvayoorappan and the temple is one of the largest Hindu temples in India. The celebrations here are sung in Malayalam and it is known as Guruvayurappan. The festival is colorful and joyful with elephants across the street and devotees singing bhajans and dancing.

Guruvayur Janmashtami celebrations in Kerala

How to Reach Guruvayur

One can reach Guruvayoor temple through Kerala Road Transport Corporation KSRTC. The nearest railway station is Guruvayur and the airport is Kochi International Airport.

Govind Temple Janmashtami celebrations in Jaipur

Jaipur is a city of palaces this city has its own Govind temple located in the city palace. The celebrations here are very interesting and give a good vibe to the city. Everyone celebrates the birth of Krishna as in all other Hindu festivals with great enthusiasm. People observe a glimpse of all the celebrations here.

Govind Temple Janmashtami celebrations in Jaipur

How to Reach Govind Temple

Govind temple is 6 to 10 kilometers from Jaipur city and can be reached by bus or by riding own vehicle. The nearest airport and railway station are located in Jaipur. 

So, mark your calendar for Janmashtami, the festival of the birth of Lord Krishna. Visit these places during the month of Gokulashtami to witness various kinds of celebrations for Lord Krishna. You can easily book bus tickets on AbhiBus are reach the places with a hassle-free travel experience.

Every part of the country celebrates the festival according to their customs and traditions. Also, there are Iskon temples in all the cities and also in several places in the rural areas. All these temples have a resemblance to the main Mathura and Vrindavan temples.  But these are not the only places where you can enjoy Janmashtami celebrations in India. There are many more places where you can go to celebrate Janmashtami and enjoy your vacation. 

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