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GSRTC Hikes Bus Fares First Time in 10 Years

The Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation's decision to increase bus fares by 25 per cent marks the first surge in a decade.

The Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) has recently made headlines by announcing a significant fare hike for its bus services. This move comes after a decade since the last price surge in 2014. The state-run entity has increased the fares of local and express buses by 25 per cent and non-air-conditioned sleeper buses by 24 per cent.

GSRTC Implements Fare Hike After 10 Years

GSRTC, the loss-making state transport service, took a bold step on Monday by raising bus fares by 25 per cent. The decision to implement this fare hike is seen as a measure to address the financial challenges faced by the corporation. The last fare increase by GSRTC occurred ten years ago, making this recent move significant.

New Fares and Comparison with Other States

After the recent hike, the per kilometer fares for GSRTC buses stand at 80 paise for local buses, 85 paise for express buses, and 77 paise for non-AC sleeper buses. The corporation defended its decision, stating that even with the increase, the fares in Gujarat remain lower compared to neighboring states such as Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, and Rajasthan.

Minimal Impact on Daily Commuters

GSRTC highlighted that approximately 10 lakh passengers utilize local buses daily, with an average travel distance of about 48 kilometers. As a result of the fare increase, the impact on these regular travelers is expected to be minimal, with the maximum fare rise not exceeding Rs 6.

In a positive development, GSRTC also revealed plans to expand its workforce. The corporation intends to hire 8,841 new employees, which includes 2,784 drivers, 2,034 conductors, 2,420 mechanics, and others. This expansion is expected to enhance the efficiency and service quality of the bus fleet.

Source : indianexpress

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