Terms & Conditions

  1. Travel now pay later is an innovative service introduced by Abhibus.com in association with Lazy Pay for the convenience of bus travellers.
  2. The service allows travellers to pay us after you have availed the service.
  3. This service is an absolutely free service to use, provided you complete payment for your outstanding amount before the cut-off date to Lazypay.
  4. This service is offered to customers who are aready purchased using a credit card/debit card with abhibus or Lazy pay.
  5. If you have not been registered all you need to do is to make one purchase using your credit card to be eligible for Travel Now pay later service.
  6. Your credit limit is defined by Lazypay team from time-to-time.
  7. Your payments can be made using your credit card, debit card or net banking.
  8. You are required to settle payments as per Lazypay terms and conditions.
  9. Travel now pay later is a service offered by abhibus in association with LazyPay- a product developed and launched by PayU India. PayU is synonymous with trust and has grown to be the undisputed leader in online payments in India

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