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Popular Routes to Jamshedpur

At AbhiBus, you can find the most popular bus routes to Jamshedpur from various destinations. We provided a bus route search option on the website and it is easy to search various bus routes to Jamshedpur.

You can compare types of buses, fares and availability of bus timings from SRTC buses and private travel services. You can choose the buses of your choice, comfort and book your Jamshedpur bus ticket. Enjoy safe, comfortable travel by booking bus tickets on Abhibus.com.

Top Bus Routes to Jamshedpur & Timings

Bus Routes

Popular Operators

First Bus

Last Bus


Purulia to Jamshedpur

02 Hours 52 Minutes (appx)

maa-parvati-travels 17:18 17:18 ₹310
Bokaro to Jamshedpur

03 Hours 30 Minutes (appx)

maa-parvati-travels | the-realbus 10:00 16:10 ₹310
Dhanbad to Jamshedpur

03 Hours 30 Minutes (appx)

gogobus-haryana 00:30 16:15 ₹350
Ranchi to Jamshedpur

00 Hours 45 Minutes (appx)

gogobus-haryana | nataraj-bus | sri-krishna-rath | ashok-tours-and-travels-bihar 01:06 23:06 ₹270
Cuttack to Jamshedpur

07 Hours 30 Minutes (appx)

Dolphin-Travels 17:20 21:30 ₹615
Bhubaneswar to Jamshedpur

08 Hours 30 Minutes (appx)

Dolphin-Travels 15:20 20:30 ₹615
Varanasi to Jamshedpur

12 Hours 30 Minutes (appx)

gogobus-haryana | rugby-roadways 20:00 21:00 ₹950
Barhi to Jamshedpur

04 Hours 00 Minutes (appx)

sri-krishna-rath 01:15 01:15 ₹850
Nawada to Jamshedpur

08 Hours 45 Minutes (appx)

jgd-travels-private-limited 22:15 22:15 ₹1200
Biharsharif to Jamshedpur

09 Hours 40 Minutes (appx)

jgd-travels-private-limited 21:20 21:20 ₹1200
Gaya to Jamshedpur

07 Hours 15 Minutes (appx)

gogobus-haryana 19:00 23:15 ₹700
Chandikol to Jamshedpur

06 Hours 30 Minutes (appx)

Dolphin-Travels 18:25 22:30 ₹615
Darbhanga to Jamshedpur

14 Hours 20 Minutes (appx)

jai-mata-di-tour-travels 15:40 15:40 ₹1000
Gopalganj to Jamshedpur

17 Hours 45 Minutes (appx)

jai-mata-di-tour-travels 13:30 13:30 ₹1000
Hajipur to Jamshedpur

09 Hours 50 Minutes (appx)

jai-mata-di-tour-travels | jgd-travels-private-limited 17:15 20:10 ₹1000
Hazaribagh to Jamshedpur

02 Hours 50 Minutes (appx)

sri-krishna-rath 02:15 04:00 ₹850
Muzaffarpur to Jamshedpur

12 Hours 00 Minutes (appx)

jai-mata-di-tour-travels | jgd-travels-private-limited 17:15 18:10 ₹950
Sasaram to Jamshedpur

08 Hours 45 Minutes (appx)

rugby-roadways 22:00 22:00 ₹800
Barbil to Jamshedpur

04 Hours 15 Minutes (appx)

maa-parvati-travels 02:10 13:20 ₹230
Koderma to Jamshedpur

07 Hours 45 Minutes (appx)

jgd-travels-private-limited 23:15 23:15 ₹1200
Jajpur to Jamshedpur

06 Hours 00 Minutes (appx)

Dolphin-Travels 23:00 23:00 ₹616

Popular Routes from Jamshedpur

There are several buses going from Jamshedpur to various destinations. You can check the bus routes, buses availability, bus timetable, compare prices, best offers before booking any ticket from Jamshedpur at Abhibus.com.

Top Bus Routes From Jamshedpur & Timings

Bus Routes

Popular Operators

First Bus

Last Bus


Jamshedpur to Bokaro

03 Hours 30 Minutes (appx)

maa-parvati-travels | ashok-tours-and-travels-bihar | the-realbus 07:45 20:05 ₹260
Jamshedpur to Dhanbad

04 Hours 40 Minutes (appx)

gogobus-haryana 08:50 13:00 ₹400
Jamshedpur to Ramgarh

05 Hours 28 Minutes (appx)

gogobus-haryana 19:30 19:40 ₹700
Jamshedpur to Ranchi

01 Hours 00 Minutes (appx)

gogobus-haryana | nataraj-bus | sri-krishna-rath 02:07 19:40 ₹116
Jamshedpur to Cuttack

07 Hours 45 Minutes (appx)

Dolphin-Travels | gogobus-haryana 21:15 22:00 ₹615
Jamshedpur to Bhubaneswar

08 Hours 10 Minutes (appx)

Dolphin-Travels 21:15 22:00 ₹615
Jamshedpur to Varanasi

11 Hours 45 Minutes (appx)

gogobus-haryana | rugby-roadways 17:30 18:15 ₹950
Jamshedpur to Barhi

07 Hours 25 Minutes (appx)

gogobus-haryana | sri-krishna-rath 19:10 19:40 ₹700
Jamshedpur to Nawada

07 Hours 20 Minutes (appx)

jgd-travels-private-limited 18:05 18:05 ₹1000
Jamshedpur to Biharsharif

08 Hours 10 Minutes (appx)

jgd-travels-private-limited 18:05 18:05 ₹1000
Jamshedpur to Gaya

07 Hours 00 Minutes (appx)

gogobus-haryana | Pammi-Travels 17:30 20:07 ₹720
Jamshedpur to Chandikol

06 Hours 45 Minutes (appx)

Dolphin-Travels 21:15 22:00 ₹615
Jamshedpur to Darbhanga

13 Hours 15 Minutes (appx)

jai-mata-di-tour-travels 16:00 16:00 ₹850
Jamshedpur to Hajipur

10 Hours 55 Minutes (appx)

jai-mata-di-tour-travels | jgd-travels-private-limited 16:00 18:05 ₹800
Jamshedpur to Hazaribagh

03 Hours 59 Minutes (appx)

gogobus-haryana | sri-krishna-rath | Pammi-Travels 19:00 20:00 ₹700
Jamshedpur to Mahua

11 Hours 30 Minutes (appx)

jai-mata-di-tour-travels 16:00 16:00 ₹850
Jamshedpur to Muzaffarpur

12 Hours 10 Minutes (appx)

jai-mata-di-tour-travels | jgd-travels-private-limited 16:00 18:05 ₹800
Jamshedpur to Patna

09 Hours 00 Minutes (appx)

gogobus-haryana | jgd-travels-private-limited | sri-krishna-rath | jai-mata-di-tour-travels | Pammi-Travels 14:20 20:07 ₹699
Jamshedpur to Sasaram

08 Hours 45 Minutes (appx)

gogobus-haryana | rugby-roadways 17:30 19:30 ₹700
Jamshedpur to Barbil

04 Hours 35 Minutes (appx)

maa-parvati-travels 03:25 10:00 ₹230
Jamshedpur to Aurangabad

07 Hours 45 Minutes (appx)

rugby-roadways 18:15 18:15 ₹650
Jamshedpur to Arrah

13 Hours 22 Minutes (appx)

gogobus-haryana 19:30 19:30 ₹700
Jamshedpur to Dobhi

07 Hours 36 Minutes (appx)

gogobus-haryana 17:30 21:00 ₹700
Jamshedpur to Mohania

09 Hours 45 Minutes (appx)

rugby-roadways 18:15 18:15 ₹800
Jamshedpur to Joda

04 Hours 50 Minutes (appx)

maa-parvati-travels 05:35 13:10 ₹265

Jamshedpur Bus Tickets

Enjoy the comfort of booking Jamshedpur bus tickets online. Say goodbye to traditional methods of bus ticket booking and switch on to online mode for booking your Jamshedpur bus tickets within minutes of time at Abhibus.com.

Just log on to Abhibus.com, fill in the necessary information to book Jamshedpur online bus tickets. Search for various Jamshedpur buses online on AbhiBus, choose a bus of your comfort and book tickets. You can easily book Jamshedpur bus tickets online with your own choice and comfort. We offer various types of Jamshedpur buses including Mercedes Benz Ac Multi Axle Semi Sleeper (2 +2), A/C Sleeper, Scania Ac Multi Axle Semi Sleeper (2 + 2), Super Luxury, non AC Sleeper, AC, non AC Seater, non AC Sleeper Seater, AC Sleeper Seater, and Volvo AC to book tickets. AbhiBus provides the facility for the travellers to choose pickup and drop point options on our website to reach the boarding points on time.

Jamshedpur Bus Ticket Prices

AbhiBus provides all the bus fares, timings, pickup and boarding points to Jamshedpur. The bus details are listed on the website to help passengers for booking Jamshedpur bus tickets. The Jamshedpur bus ticket price varies from SRTC operator to private travels operators and depending on the type of bus booked, amenities offered by operators.

Jamshedpur Bus Timetable

You can plan your travel by checking the bus timings provided at Abhibus.com. You can pre-schedule or book the tickets on the same day by selecting the date and bus timings of Jamshedpur buses. You can also book online train tickets and book hotels in Jamshedpur at the lowest prices on AbhiBus.

Boarding Points in Jamshedpur

  • Mango
  • Jamshedpur
  • Bundu
  • Pardih
  • Dimna Chowk
  • Others

Dropping Points in Jamshedpur

  • Mango
  • Jamshedpur
  • Pardih
  • Bundu
  • Dimna Chowk

Why Make a Jamshedpur Bus Tickets Booking With AbhiBus?

Bus ticket booking is quite essential for every traveller. Have a smooth journey by planning smartly and booking online tickets with Abhibus.com. Online Bus ticket booking saves your time instead of standing in line for ticket reservations. Online ticket booking to Jamshedpur is safe in this COIVD-19 pandemic situation where you can book the ticket sitting at your home.

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You can book Jamshedpur bus tickets quickly using different online payment methods.

Jamshedpur Online Ticket Booking Advantages on AbhiBus

  • AbhiBus clearly provides a list of buses, bus routes, types of buses, bus fares, time of departure for the convenience of travellers.
  • The travellers have no worries about their travel scheduled plans.
  • AbhiBus has a wide range of networks with SRTC and Private bus travel operators for booking tickets.
  • Choose a type of bus of your choice from the enlisted services, select the date, check the bus availability time, compare the price and book your Jamshedpur bus booking.
  • AbhiBus smart filters will help to book the tickets easily.
  • Make your travel budget-friendly with Abhibus.com.
  • Travel safely on the Bus, Train with AbhiBus. Safety-T buses are marked on the AbhiBus website and app by a Safety-T icon.

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Top Bus Operators Serving in Jamshedpur

Abhibus.com provides multiple well-known bus operators including SRTC and Private Travels bus services. It is simple and easy to select the date and time of travel to book your Jamshedpur bus ticket online with us.

Government SRTC Bus Services in Jamshedpur

Reserve your Jamshedpur bus tickets online from Government SRTC Bus (State Road Transport Corporation) Operators Services on Abhibus.com.

Private Travels Bus Operators Serving in Jamshedpur

All the listed private bus operators facilitate a safe and trouble-free bus journey for travellers. The private travel bus operators list is given below.

Book Luxury Buses Online at AbhiBus

Jamshedpur Bus Ticket Booking and Payment Options

Abhibus.com offers various modes of online payment options for the convenience of travellers for booking online bus tickets to Jamshedpur by using VISA/MASTER Debit/ Credit Card, Net banking, PhonePe, UPI Payment, Amazon Pay, GPay, Paytm Wallet and more options. ABHI500 offer is available for travellers who book their Jamshedpur bus tickets online. Check Jamshedpur bus timings and fares before making a ticket reservation.

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You can download the safe and secured AbhiBus APP. It gives a great experience for the travellers who prefer online bus ticket booking for their travel. It’s simple and easy to book Jamshedpur online bus tickets and payments through mobile with a single finger touch. AbhiBus provides the option of choosing your favourite seat for ticket booking online to enjoy the travel with your family or friends.

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Popular Bus Operators In India

Here is the list of few top bus operators and service providers in India. For thepassenger’s facility these RTCs are providing various amenities inside the RTC buses. Travellers can book RTC bus tickets online in advance on AbhiBus.Moreover, you can quickly and easily choose your bus seats, check reviews and ratings on AbhiBus to make decisions for booking preferred bus tickets for yourjourney.

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Q1: What are the top bus routes to Jamshedpur?

A: Top bus routes to Jamshedpur are Visakhapatnam to Jamshedpur, Kolkata to Jamshedpur, Kishanganj to Jamshedpur, Purulia to Jamshedpur, Dafi to Jamshedpur, Srikakulam to Jamshedpur, Bokaro to Jamshedpur, Siliguri to Jamshedpur, Dhanbad to Jamshedpur, Ramgarh to Jamshedpur, etc.

Q2: What are the top bus routes from Jamshedpur?

A: Top bus routes from Jamshedpur are Jamshedpur to Srikakulam, Jamshedpur to Visakhapatnam, Jamshedpur to Kolkata, Jamshedpur to Asansol, Jamshedpur to Durgapur, Jamshedpur to Bokaro, Jamshedpur to Siliguri, Jamshedpur to Dhanbad, Jamshedpur to Ramgarh, Jamshedpur to Ranchi, etc.

Q3: What are the popular boarding points from Jamshedpur?

A: Mango,Jamshedpur,Bundu,Pardih,Dimna Chowk,Others are some of the popular boarding points from Jamshedpur.

Q4: What are the popular dropping points in Jamshedpur?

A: Popular dropping points in Jamshedpur are: Mango,Jamshedpur,Pardih,Bundu,Dimna Chowk

Q5: What types of buses are available in Jamshedpur?

A: The types of buses available in Jamshedpur are Volvo Multi-Axle I-Shift A/C Semi Sleeper (2+2), Bharat Benz A/C Sleeper (2+1), NON A/C Seater (2+2), Volvo Multi-Axle I-Shift B11R Semi Sleeper (2+2), Volvo Multi-Axle B9R Semi Sleeper (2+2), ULTRA DELUXE (NON-AC, 2+2 PUSH BACK), A/C Classy Seater (2+2), SUPER LUXURY (NON-AC, 2 + 2 PUSH BACK), Mercedes Benz Multi-Axle A/C Sleeper (2+1), A/C Seater / Sleeper (2+1), SAPTAGIRI EXPRESS, Volvo Multi-Axle A/C Semi Sleeper (2+2), INDRA(A.C. Seater), NON A/C Sleeper (2+1), NON A/C Seater / Sleeper (2+1), Bharat Benz A/C Seater (2+1), GARUDA (VOLVO / CORONA / ISUZU A.C. SEMI SLEEPER), Capella A/C Sleeper (2+1), EXPRESS, NON A/C Airbus (2+2), A/C Sleeper (2+1), Luxura A/C Sleeper (2+1), Volvo Multi-Axle A/C Sleeper (2+1), NIGHT RIDER (SEATER CUM SLEEPER), NON A/C Hi-Tech Push Back (2+2), Volvo Multi-Axle A/C Semi Sleeper (2+2), A/C Semi Sleeper (2+2), AMARAVATHI (VOLVO / SCANIA A.C Multi Axle), NON A/C Semi Sleeper (2+2), etc.

Q6: What are all type of Govt. buses available in Jamshedpur?

A: At present State RTC etc are the govt. bus operators serving in Jamshedpur.

Q7: What are the top operators serving to Jamshedpur bus?

A: AbhiBus has huge number of bus operators serving in Jamshedpur including gogoBus,Jai Mata Di Tour & Travels,Rugby Roadways,Maa Parvati Travels,Dolphin Tours & Travels,Sri Krishna Rath,JGD TRAVELS PRIVATE LIMITED,NATARAJ BUS,Pammi Travels,Ashok Tours and Travels,The Realbus, etc.

Q8: Which type of bus has the cheapest ticket price for Jamshedpur?

A: Among all the types of buses available for Jamshedpur, non ac seater has the cheapest ticket price.

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