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Bangalore - Gandhinagar

About the Route

Moderate Route with 2 lane (no divider) for most part

Total buses in this route 2
Approximate Distance 420
Approximate Travel Time 8Hrs

*the above might differ from time to time and operator to operator based on climate, bus condition, etc.

  Bus Ticket Fares
Avg Bus Fares
Number of Buses
No of Buses
Number of Seates
No of Seats
Multi-axle Volvo/Benz Semi Sleeper Rs. 0 0 0
Volvo/Benz Semi Sleeper Rs. 0 0 0
A/C Seater Rs. 0 0 0
A/C Sleeper Rs. 600 1 30
Non-A/C Seater Rs. 0 0 0
Non-A/C Sleeper Rs. 500 1 30

* above prices are not fixed, may vary between operators, dates, seasons, etc
* above may vary from day to day


09:45 hours

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AC Sleeper (2 + 1)

₹750 onwards

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