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Mumbai to Bangalore Buses and Route Details

About the Route

Moderate Route with 2 lane (no divider) for most part

Total buses in this route 52
Approximate Distance 1010 Kms
Approximate Travel Time 19 Hrs

* the above might differ from time to time and operator to operator based on climate, bus condition, etc.

Avg Bus Fares

No of Buses

No of Seats
Multi-axle Volvo/Benz Semi Sleeper Rs. 1200 34 1666
Volvo/Benz Semi Sleeper Rs. 1000 2 82
A/C Seater - - -
A/C Sleeper Rs. 1300 9 216
Non-A/C Seater Rs. 700 5 120
Non-A/C Sleeper Rs. 1000 2 48

* above prices are not fixed, may vary between operators, dates, seasons, etc
* above may vary from day to day

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Mumbai - Bangalore

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